Dr. José Jesús Guzmán García


I trained as a Surgeon's Doctor at the Michoacana University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo in the City of Morelia, I did my postgraduate studies in general surgery in the City of San Luis Potosí by the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi and the Mexican Institute of Social Security of which I was Head of Residents.

  • I am a neurosurgeon graduated from the National Medical Center Siglo XXI, Mexico City. where I was Head of Residents of the Neurosurgery Program at the Bernardo Sepulveda Specialty Hospital
  • I have a Postdoctoral Fellow at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland in the US in one of the most recognized programs of brain tumors, skull base and neuro-oncology
  • I recently was credited for the Second International Place in the Needle Spine Challenge of minimal Spine invasion endoscopic surgery.
    Eurospine European Spine Congress, Finland 2019
  • Minimal invasion Spine surgery training at 4th Annual Johns Hopkins Spine Workshop 2016
  • Microsurgery training in Mexico City
  • I'm highly trained to perform minimal invasion approaches to skull and Spine.

Meet me, entrust your health to one of the best Neurosurgery Specialists in Mexico.

Dr. José Jesús Guzmán García

My purpose

Is to guide the patients to get an accurate diagnoses, personalized treatments and results, that leads to quality of life, all thanks to the knowledge achieved through the committed study in Mexico and abroad, hard work and years of experience.

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82-year-old male, narrow lumbar duct surgery.
The patient is testifying before 24 hrs postoperative.

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